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General Information
About Our Company
For more then twenty-five years, Pulsus Group has been publishing a stable of Canadian specialist peer-review journals, adopted by Canadian medical societies as their official publications.  We are pleased to offer this level of expertise to all Medical Associations/Societies with a program called PulsusTrack™.

About Our Company
PulsusTrack™ is a program developed to provide services related to online submission, peer review, editing, production and international dissemination (print and electronic) processes for society journals.  Additional options include sales and servicing of sales for advertising, reprints and permissions.  All services to authors, editorial boards, societies and readers are expertly handled by a committed and professional team utilizing a combination of the highest level of innovation and experience.
The PulsusTrack™ team is committed and experienced, with a strong background in the scientific publishing industry (online and print).  We are further strengthened by a core group of freelancers and suppliers who meet our criteria for excellence. 
Pulsus Group has an excellent reputation in the marketplace for quality - copyediting, formatting and layout, illustrations, printing and binding are all executed to the highest industry standards. 
Our experience tells us that over the years journals go through many different stages and PulsusTrack™ will partner with the Society to develop and adhere to a strategic plan as it grows to meet the needs and expectations of all stakeholders (Societies, Editorial Boards, authors, readership and sponsors).
Ownership and Copyright
When a Society uses the PulsusTrack™ program for its publishing needs, it retains the ownership and copyright of the Journal.  An agreement gives PulsusTrack™ a license to publish the Journal for a fixed period of time (minimum 5 years). 
Societies maintain absolute control over their journals through the appointment of the Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board who are responsible for the peer-review process and, ultimately, the quality of the content. 
Customer Service
Customer Service
Editorial Development and Control

While the Society focuses on the tasks that improve the quality and quantity of material to publish, PulsusTrack™ manages the business aspects of the publication – ensuring it is executed with excellence and delivered on time. The services offered include the following:

  • Online submission system
  • Peer-review program
  • Design and article layout
  • Production
  • Delivery in print and/or on-line
  • Archives management
  • Journal website development and maintenance
  • Sales of advertising, reprints and permissions
  • Pay-to-publish program management
  • Membership database management
  • Access to excellent printing rates
  • Indexing expertise
Process - Request for Proposals
PulsusTrack™ is experienced in working with different editorial models, including the hybrid model for journals. It begins with an established number of pages published in print and online, and is extended by additional articles published online only. The online version is posted to the website the same day the print issue is mailed. An electronic Table-of-Contents is sent to members offering instant access to the online version.
Process - Request for Proposals
PulsusTrack™ would be pleased to have the opportunity to respond to your request for proposal and develop a program that is tailored to your specific needs and that exceeds your expectations.  We provide a professional publishing experience for everyone involved, Associations/Societies, authors, editorial board members and sponsors.

Customer Service

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